App isn't ringing on Android device

  1. First, ensure that the volume on your device is on and set as loud as possible. Do this by pressing the top of the long button on the device’s side, or press the bottom portion of the button to lower volume.

  2. If volume is all the way up and order notifications are still difficult to hear, follow the instructions above to access the device’s settings, and click on “Sound and Notifications.”

  3. Ensure “Do not disturb” is set to OFF by clicking into “Do not disturb > Automatic rules” and ensuring all automatic rules are off.

  4. Go back to the general “Sound and Notifications” area.

  5. Adjust the “Media Volume,” “Alarm Volume,” and “Notification Volume” all the way up.

  6. If issue still persists, follow steps above to restart the device.

  7. If the problem persists after rebooting the tablet pease contact support at