Customizing menus for different order types

With Uber Eats, you can offer customers a variety of ways to get their orders, such as delivery, pickup, and dine-in.

Please note that some order types may not be available in your market at this time.

Do I need to customize my menus for different order types?

No, your menus are linked by default. The same price for an item applies across all order types.

If you wish to customize, you have the option to sell different items or set different prices based on the customer’s order type. For example, you could sell a burger with a $10 delivery price and a $7 pickup price. Or, you can turn the delivery option off and make the burger available exclusively for pickup.

To customize menus for different order types:

  1. Sign in to

  2. Click “Menu” on the left sidebar, then “Overview” at the top.

  3. Search for or select an item you want to customize, then click the item to open the Edit item side panel.

  4. To differentiate prices (NOTE: you can’t undo this and the change will apply to all menu items), go to “Price” and click “Change,” then “Turn on.”

  5. Enter the price for your desired order types.

  6. . To make the item available or unavailable for an order type, use the corresponding checkbox.

  7. Click “Save.”

To create a new menu for 1 order type (for example, a pickup-only menu):

  1. Open Menu Maker.

  2. Click + New Menu at the top.

  3. When assigning items to categories on the new menu, use the corresponding checkbox underneath “Price” to make each item available for only that order type.

To learn the basics of menu editing, see the article below:

Editing your menu