Delivery FAQs

How far can I deliver? Is there a mileage limit?

Mileage limits are set at the market-level to optimize the experience for your customers and delivery drivers. For more information on mileage limits by market, please contact your Account Manager, call +1 866-987-3750, or email To expedite response time, please provide the pickup addresses for which you’re requesting a mileage limit in your initial request.

Can I leave notes for the delivery driver?

Yes! While creating a delivery, you can include pickup and/or dropoff instructions for the delivery driver who accepts your delivery by one of the following methods:

Dashboard user

Select Create Delivery, then under Pickup Location select Search or Create New Location > Create New Location. Keep in mind that pickup notes are saved with each created location, and locations are not currently editable once created.

Once you’ve selected to create a new pickup location, the pickup location fields will appear the same as the dropoff location fields. In either field, you can add notes for your delivery driver, which will be visible to them during either the pickup or dropoff leg of the delivery.

Additional Information

Keep in mind that pickup and dropoff notes are limited to a maximum of 280 characters. It is strongly recommended to keep notes short, sweet, and simple to follow for the best all-around delivery experience!

Finally, please note that once the delivery is created the delivery information can no longer be modified (includes pickup/dropoff address, pickup/dropoff instructions, customer phone number, order contents).

How do I require signature or ID scan at dropoff?

Delivery driver currently supports the following requirement settings for drop-off:

  • Signature: Delivery driver must capture the customer’s signature within their Driver App in order to complete drop-off
  • ID scan: Delivery driver must complete in-app scan or manual input of a valid government-issued ID in order to complete drop-off

These requirements must be set before a delivery is created and must be set per delivery by selecting either or both ID scan/signature required checkboxes before submitting a delivery request.

Why do I have to provide quantity and size info on every delivery?

The more size and quantity information you can provide us in your delivery request, the better our algorithm can work to match you with the perfect delivery driver for your delivery! In practical terms, this keeps us from sending a cyclist to deliver a TV.

For more information, please reference our order size guidelines.

What are my options for non-contact delivery if I am creating a delivery from Dashboard?

As an Uber Direct partner, it is possible to define a delivery to be left at the customer’s door while creating a delivery in the dashboard. Please select the non-contact delivery option as displayed below:

If you select this option, the delivery driver will be instructed to leave the delivery at the customer’s door with no attempt to contact the customer. Photo is always captured as a proof of delivery, which can be downloaded from the dashboard.

This option cannot be selected if the delivery requires ID Check or signature.

How is delivery time calculated?

We use several signals including the real-time monitoring of our fleet, third party traffic and mapping services and other sources as part of our proprietary platform.

How does tipping work?

100% of all tips are always passed through automatically to the delivery driver.

Tips can be added via the Uber Direct Dashboard once dropoff is complete. To add a tip to an Uber Direct delivery:

  1. Log into your Uber Direct Dashboard.
  2. From the orders tab, select the delivery to which you would like to add a tip. Note: tips can only be added to created deliveries; they cannot be added during delivery creation.
  3. Input the tip amount and select Add Tip.

Tips can also be passed via webhooks for those using a direct integration.

How does proof of delivery export work?

As an Uber Direct partner you can now export proof of delivery documentation directly from your dashboard. Proof of delivery is an automatically generated document that compiles information about a specific delivery to confirm requirements were successfully completed during drop-off.

Proof of delivery is currently available for two types of delivery requirements:

  • Signature required at drop-off
  • Photo required at drop-off (applied automatically when leaving at door)

How to export proof of delivery from the Uber Direct Dashboard:

  1. Log into the Direct Dashboard using your Uber account credentials.
  2. From the home tab, locate the desired delivery in the list of ongoing and completed deliveries (using time range filter to help narrow down dates).
  3. Click the row of the delivery after locating it to expand and view delivery details.
  4. View proof of delivery by clicking the button labeled “Download Proof of Delivery”