How can I get POS integrated with Uber Eats?

Check here to see if your POS provider is currently integrated with Uber Eats.

The list of current POS providers includes:

  1. POS systems;
  2. Aggregators; and
  3. Restaurant partners that have built integrations themselves

If you do not see your POS provider listed, it is possible that one of our aggregator partners who has built an integration does support your POS system. If you are interested in finding out which of our POS integration partners support your POS system, please contact them directly using the contact information on our website.

If your POS integration provider is not listed, we may not have an active integration yet with that partner. We are constantly adding new integrations with new partners, so check back to see if your provider gets added. Lastly, if you are interested in building an integration to Uber Eats yourself, check out our prerequisites page on our developer portal to get started.