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How can I sell alcohol on the Uber Eats app?

Selling alcohol through the Uber Eats app is currently available in the following locations. All following locations are live for restaurants, liquor stores, and convenience/grocery merchants, unless otherwise stated:

- Fresno
-Inland Empire
-Los Angeles
-Orange County
-Palm Springs
-San Diego
-San Francisco
-San Luis Obispo
-Santa Barbara

-Central Atlantic Coast
-Florida Keys
-Fort Myers-Naples
- Miami
- Panama City

-Quad Cities

New Jersey (liquor stores with their own delivery staff only)

New York (liquor stores only)
-NYC Suburbs
-Upstate NY

Texas (liquor stores only)
-College Station
-Corpus Christi
-Eagle Pass
-El Paso
-Rio Grande Valley
-San Angelo
-San Antonio
-West Texas
-Wichita Falls

We are continuing to expand our coverage, so check back here for the latest locations.

Merchants must sign the Uber Eats alcohol terms and have a valid liquor license on file with Uber Eats for alcohol delivery to sell alcohol through the platform. It is the responsibility of the merchant to:

- Comply with all applicable liquor laws, regulations and policies, including as it relates to the sale and service of alcohol products
- Ensure their license is valid for alcohol sales through the Uber Eats platform
- Remove alcohol items from their menu if the license is revoked or expires

Do not add alcohol to a menu without working with Uber Eats. Alcohol listed on accounts that have not signed the Uber Eats alcohol terms will be removed and could result in termination from the platform.

Please email restaurants@uber.com if you have questions or are interested in selling alcohol through the Uber Eats app.