How does order pickup work?

When the food is ready, tap Ready for Pickup. This will request a delivery person.

Note the status of your orders

  • Order numbers highlighted in yellow-orange mean that this order has not been marked as ready for pickup and is past the expected pickup time.
  • A checkmark next to an order number signifies that order is ready for pickup.
  • Orders without a checkmark mean the order has been assigned to a delivery person for pickup but is still in progress of being made.

When you select Ready for Pickup, the delivery person will be notified to retrieve the order.

To the right of the order info page, you will see delivery person status for your in-progress orders. This will show the number of delivery people on the way to pick up your orders, what orders the delivery person is picking up, how far away they are from the restaurant, and the delivery person’s name.

For each delivery person, you will see the order numbers and status of each assigned order.

Once there are 7 minutes left on the clock, a delivery person will be notified to go to your restaurant.

For more help with Uber Eats Orders, please visit the Uber Eats Orders Training.