Issues at drop-off

Sometimes, the customer is not available when the delivery person arrives at the drop-off location. In this event, the following options are available in the case that an order is undeliverable, set at an account/API key level:

  • Return items: All undeliverable orders will be returned to the pickup location. Charges will apply for the return delivery. (Note: this automatically applies to any orders that require ID scan.)
  • Discard items: All undeliverable orders will be kept or discarded by the delivery person.
  • Leave at door: All undeliverable orders will be left at the drop-off location; the delivery person is required to upload photo proof of delivery in-app. (Note: any delivery requiring signature, age verification, or return when customer is not available at drop-off cannot be left at the door.)

Contact support by calling +1 866-987-3750 or emailing for more information regarding undeliverable actions and Settings.

Note: We strongly encourage the use of regular status updates and delivery tracking links to ensure customers are kept in the loop on delivery progress and reduce incidents of customer not available at drop-off. For more information, see Managing Deliveries.