Managing refunds for missing or incorrect orders

When an item is missing in an order or the order/item is incorrect, we refund customers on your behalf. These refunds are labeled as “Order error adjustments” on your Uber Eats Weekly Pay Statement.

Reasons for order error adjustments

Customers are refunded for the reasons below:

  • Missing items - the customer didn’t receive an item

  • Incorrect items - the customer received an item but it was not as ordered

  • Incorrect orders - the customer received an entire order that was incorrect or not theirs

When items are missing, we’ll refund the customer the sales price of the item (including tax/VAT) at the time of the order. If an entire order is incorrect, the customer is refunded for the sales price of the entire order (including tax/VAT) and the delivery fee.

Total refunds (less delivery fees) are deducted directly from restaurant payouts. This information is reflected in your Uber Eats Weekly Pay Statement email within 1-2 weeks.

If you think an order error adjustment on your Uber Eats Weekly Pay Statement is incorrect, select “Issue with Uber Eats Weekly Pay Statement” below.

Note that every order error adjustment is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Multiple factors are considered and we have measures in place to protect against potentially fraudulent customer or delivery partner reports.

To ensure order accuracy, top Restaurant partners recommend:

  • Logging into Restaurant Manager to ensure your menu is current and customizations are correct

  • Checking off items on a printed receipt to confirm the contents in the bag are accurate

  • Sealing each bag when an order is complete

  • Writing the five digit order number on the bag

  • If there are multiple bags, numbering them (“1 of 2” and then “2 of 2”, etc)

  • Double-checking during hand-off to ensure every bag gets picked up by the correct delivery partner