Missing Tax Information FAQ

General Questions

Why do I need to add tax information to my account?

A complete tax profile is necessary for 1099 reporting, which is required by the IRS.

Does this requirement apply to me if my store is outside of the US?

All merchants with locations in the US must have valid tax information on file. There may be different tax requirements for other countries.

It’s recommended that you contact a licensed tax professional if you have specific questions about tax requirements for your location(s).

What information do I need to provide?

Tax classification

Company’s legal name and address

  • The name should match the name on your tax documents (e.g., IRS Form SS-4)

TIN (Tax Identification Number)

  • For businesses, this is usually your EIN (Employer Identification Number) issued by the IRS.
  • For individuals, this is usually your SSN (Social Security Number).

Note: The required tax information is commonly also used for W-2 wage withholding and reporting.

What if I cannot find my tax information?

If you’ve lost or do not have a TIN, see the IRS TIN page for help. For tax-specific questions, please review the IRS tax information page or call the Business and Specialty Tax Line and EIN Assignment at 800-829-4933.

Managing Tax Information

How do I check or update my tax information on my account?

  1. Login to “Uber Eats Manager” and go to your “Settings”.
  2. In the “Tax / Invoice > Tax Setting” tab, review these fields on the electronic W-9 Form: Legal name as registered with the IRS; Tax Identification Number (SSN or EIN); Legal address as registered with the IRS
  3. If these fields are already filled in and accurate, you’re all set! If not, add your tax information and click “Submit.”

How do I know my tax information update worked?

After adding your tax information in Uber Eats Manager, you’ll see a screen that says “You’ve successfully updated your tax information!”

Do I need to provide a new TIN if I update my banking information?

When adding your bank account information for the first time, you must update your TIN as well. A pop-up alert may appear directing you to update your TIN before you can add banking information.

Note: The TIN also needs to be updated if there has been a change of ownership.

Who can update tax information on my account?

Only Admin and Manager roles can access and update tax settings in Uber Eats Manager.

Does my tax information carry over year to year?

Yes, if your tax information is complete and accurate, the information will carry over year to year.

What if I have multiple locations?

For help uploading tax information for multiple locations at one time, contact Uber Eats Support at restaurants@uber.com or 833-275-3287 (ASK-EATS). Please have your company’s legal name and address, TIN, and tax classification ready.

Miscellaneous Questions

What happens if I don’t provide my tax information?

If you don’t add your tax information, you may experience interruptions in your weekly or daily payments, depending on the payment option you have selected. Specifically, 24% of your earnings may be withheld from your payments until the proper tax information is added to your account(s). After you add accurate and full tax information, withholdings and interruptions will stop. For any withheld earnings due to backup withholding, merchants will have to consult a tax professional.

Why does Uber handle sales tax for merchants?

Uber Eats is responsible for calculating, collecting and remitting sales tax on all transactions made through the Uber Eats platform. This applies in states with marketplace facilitator and/or marketplace collection legislation and where Uber Eats is classified as a marketplace facilitator. Visit our Marketplace Facilitator Tax help page for more details.

I’m an LLC. Do I select S, C or Partnership as my classification?

Please see the IRS LLC page for information on business classification.

What if I’m a nonprofit organization?

Nonprofits are still organized as corporations, so they should have an EIN and are not exempt from 1099-K reporting.

Who can I reach out to if I have questions?

You can contact us at restaurants@uber.com or 833-275-3287 (ASK-EATS). _

Disclaimer:Uber does not provide tax advice.

For tax-specific questions, please review the IRS tax information page or call the Business and Specialty Tax Line and EIN Assignment at 800-829-4933.