Ordering from Black-Owned Restaurants

Uber Eats is committed to standing with Black communities. As part of this effort, Uber Eats is featuring Black-owned restaurants in the app so that such restaurants:

-Can easily be found by customers who search the app for ‘Black-owned’ -Are highlighted to customers through other potential Black-owned icons and landing pages

If your restaurant is Black-owned, please fill out the form below. Our team will process your request within 10 business days.

After December 9, 2020, eligible restaurants that self-identify as Black-owned will be tagged as such in the UberEats app.

If you know of a Black-owned restaurant that is not included, it could be for the following reasons:

  1. The restaurant does not qualify as a small- to medium-sized restaurant
  2. The restaurant is not located in one of the cities where this initiative is offered (currently only nationwide in the US and in select cities in Canada)
  3. The restaurant has opted out of this initiative or has not opted in/self-identified yet
  4. The restaurant is a franchise

How can a restaurant opt in and be identified as Black-owned?

The restaurant owner/eligible decision maker should fill out the form below so our team can make the necessary changes in our Uber Eats app and web platform.

What steps do you take to ensure that a diverse selection of restaurants is available on your platform?

As a platform, we help people get what they’re looking for. We take user feedback very seriously, and it directs our restaurant acquisition efforts. Every time a user searches for a restaurant or a type of food, they’re telling us where we should be focused.

I see a restaurant included in the campaign but I know the owner is not Black. What steps are you taking to ensure that the listed restaurants are Black-owned?

We’re working with a wide range of local organizations to identify Black-owned restaurants, and we’re continuing to work with these organizations to ensure the accuracy of our lists. If you’d like to contact us about any of the restaurants we have highlighted, please contact our Support team at restaurants@uber.com.

How did you choose the highlighted Black-owned restaurants?

Groups of employees across Uber, including members and allies of the Black @ Uber employee resource group, worked together to generate lists of independent, Black-owned restaurants. These lists were compiled from publicly available sources along with input from local organizations and business associations across the US and Canada. We’ve also encouraged restaurants to self-identify by completing the form below.

What cities are you running this campaign in?

This campaign is live in all US cities where Uber Eats is available. It’s also live in select Canadian cities.