Ratings FAQ

Can customers see other customer comments?

No, customers cannot see comments. This is only shown to users who have access to Uber Eats Manager. Generally, that would be the merchant Admin or Manager for the account.

Do customer reviews delete after a certain amount of time?

Previously, we only displayed the count of customer ratings received within the last 90 days and calculated your star rating using the average for that 90-day period. Going forward, we’ll include the count of ratings of your store for the last 4 years beginning in 2021. Using the rate count from that period, we’ll calculate your average rating using a weighted average that weighs ratings from the last 90 days more strongly than ratings from the rest of the time period.

This new approach will better provide a more comprehensive picture of your customer satisfaction over time while optimizing for the most likely current customer experience based on recent ratings.

As you complete more orders that satisfy customers and they provide a favorable rating, you will see your store rating improve. If you are interested in improving your rating, here are a few recommendations to consider:

  • Understand Low Rated Feedback. Look at customer feedback in Uber Eats Manager to see what customers have said. Identify improvements by clicking on low-rated reviews to understand what may be causing customers to provide a lower rating.
  • Take stock of your operations. Top-rated restaurants tend to accept orders right away and double-check the details of every order, not only before preparation but also before handoff. Having a smooth, efficient order flow leads to satisfied customers and higher ratings.
  • Consider adding moments of delight! A handwritten note or nice surprise goes a long way towards keeping customers happy.

Is there a cap on the number of ratings?

There will be no ratings cap, but merchant ratings will be rounded to the nearest 100 or 1,000.

Can anyone delete reviews?

No, reviews cannot be deleted by the merchants or by support.