Self Pickup FAQs

In addition to having orders delivered directly to them, customers have the option to pick up orders in restaurants and other stores.


1. How does self pickup work?

  • Customers have the option to select “pickup” instead of “delivery” when placing orders on the app.
  • Customers who select “pickup” will come to your restaurant or store and pick up their order on their own, rather than rely on someone to deliver it to them.

2. How can I identify what type of order I’m receiving (delivery or self pickup)?

  • Your Order dashboard on the Uber Eats Manager will tell you if an order is for self pickup or delivery.
  • You will see the order type listed beside the order ID / under the customer’s name.

3. What can I do if the customer took the wrong order?

  • Stores are responsible for ensuring that the correct order is given to the correct customer.
  • Before handing over an order, you should confirm that the name and order ID with the customer. Rest assured, you will still be paid for this order
  • If a customer takes the wrong order, please reach out to Support to assist you.

4. What if a customer arrives too late and requests that I remake food?

  • We ask that stores hold pickup orders for at least 60 minute to allow customers time to pick them up.
  • After 60 minutes since the order was placed, you can mark the order as “picked up.” The customer will be charged and you will be paid for the order.
  • If a customer arrives at your store after 60 minutes have passed and requests that you remake food, you can advise them to place a new order on the app.
  • Food safety is a priority. While holding orders, please ensure that any food or beverages are kept within a safe temperature range (as required by law). If the food is no longer within a safe temperature range or you believe it is unsafe to eat, please dispose of it.

5. What if a customer requests additional food or items when they arrive?

  • You can advise the customer to place a new order in the app for any additional items.
  • The customer also has the option to order any new items with you directly.

6. What if I no longer want to receive pickup orders?

  • You may disable pickup orders in your Uber Eats Manager app by going to Settings > Pickup then turning off the “Pickup” toggle. You will stop receiving any requests for pickup orders.
  • You can turn pickup orders on again by turning the “Pickup” toggle on.

7. Can I stop receiving delivery orders and accept only pickup orders?

  • Pickup is currently available only as an extension of delivery. As a result, you’re unable to offer only pickup orders.
  • You can offer only delivery orders or both delivery and pickup orders.