Tips to reach more customers

Where to embed your Webshop button

We recommend adding the button at the top of your website with text that says “Order Online”, “Order now”, “Delivery”, or “Pickup”.

You can embed the button as part of your top navigation header to drive the most traffic to your page. Make it easy for customers to place an order by separating out your Webshop button from other calls to action.

Take advantage of the multi-location functionality

If you have more than one location, you can obtain a single link which will reroute your customers to order from the most efficient store, based on their delivery address. To have the multi-location functionality set-up, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager.

Embed your link on social media

Whether you have a website or not, you can add your Webshop link to your social media pages to increase orders.

Copy your Webshop page link from Uber Eats Manager, then click on the links below and check step-by-step instructions to have a button showing on your Instagram, Facebook, and Google Business profiles.

Additionally, you can promote orders by posting a food photo and writing a caption to remind followers your restaurant is open for orders. Make sure to include the link to your Webshop page so your followers can order directly.

Share your link by email or SMS

You can make ordering online easy by embedding the Webshop link in customer marketing emails and SMS. Remind customers that you are open for delivery or pickup, share your Webshop link, and grow your business via email and SMS marketing.

Engage with your customers on a regular basis

One of the best aspects of your Webshop is that you can access your customer data if they provide consent at checkout. Log in to Uber Eats Manager, click the Reports tab in the side navigation, then request a report, choosing Webshop customers. You will receive their name, surname, email, first and last order date and time, and their lifetime spend on your store. You can use this data to reach out to those customers and offer them incentives to order again from your restaurant.