Undelivered orders and refunds

To request a refund, please use our Support request form. Scenarios that may be eligible for refund include late delivery, missing deliveries and missing returns. To ensure the swiftest resolution, please always include an itemized receipt with any refund request submission.

Note that all refund requests must be submitted within 7 days of the order’s completion in order to be eligible for approval. Refunds will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

How are undeliverable orders handled?

In the event that an order is undeliverable once the delivery person arrives at drop-off, merchants can request one of the following actions:

  • Discard items (default setting upon API key registration)

  • Leave items at door (Delivery person required to upload photo proof of delivery in-app; note: any delivery requiring signature, age verification, or return when customer is not available at drop-off cannot be left at the door.)

  • Return items to pickup location (incurs an additional delivery fee)

  • Undeliverable actions are set per API key, not per delivery, and will be the default action for any undeliverable order unless ID scan or signature is required at drop-off. To change your undeliverable action settings, please contact your Account Manager.

  • Undeliverable + ID Scan Required: Any order that cannot be dropped off successfully where ID scan is required must be returned to the pickup location for the original order. This will take place automatically within the delivery person app as soon as the delivery person confirms that the order is not deliverable. Return orders will incur an additional delivery fee to compensate the delivery person for their time.

  • Undeliverable + Signature Required: If signature is required at drop-off but the customer is not available to provide one, they will either be directed to discard items or return items to pickup location (if return is the default setting at the API key level).

Under what circumstances would a delivery person be unable to complete a delivery?

Once the delivery person has reached the dropoff location, any of the following circumstances would constitute an undeliverable order:

  • ID scan is required and customer is under 21 years of age
  • ID scan is required and ID is invalid/expired
  • ID scan is required and customer is visibly intoxicated
  • Customer is not available at the dropoff location within at least 8 minutes of the delivery person’s arrival

Orders that are undeliverable due to any of the above circumstances will not be eligible for refund.