Updating your service hours, address, and phone number

Update account information

Verify your account information in Uber Eats Orders through your tablet. Follow the steps below to change your restaurant name, phone number and pickup instructions.

  1. In your Uber Eats Orders, select the menu icon in the top left corner.
  2. Select “Settings”, then “Business Information.”
  3. Edit the fields, then select “Update.”

Update service hours

  1. Log into Uber Eats Manager using your login, password and PIN.
  2. On the left side of your screen, select the fork and knife icon (Menu).
  3. Hover your cursor over each menu until the pencil icon appears.
  4. Click the pencil to edit and adjust your hours accordingly.

Update holiday hours

  1. Sign in to your Uber Eats Manager using your login and password.
  2. On the right side of your screen, select “Holiday hours.”
  3. Set new hours for your specific days.

*Updated holiday hours take priority over normal menu hours, including restaurants that are POS Integrated. *

Update service hours (POS-integrated stores)

If your restaurant is POS integrated, all store hour information is stored directly in your POS system, which we’re unable to access.

For help changing your store hours, please reach out to your restaurant’s POS customer service contact.