What happens when an order comes in?

  1. When a new order comes in, your Uber Eats Orders screen flashes green and a sound plays

    • We recommend keeping your volume up so you can hear new orders come in
    • The number in the circle on the flashing screen indicates the number of new orders
  2. Tap the screen to see the order information

  3. Hand off the order to the kitchen:

    • You may enter the info in your POS or relay verbally to your kitchen staff
    • If you have printing enabled, hit the “PRINT” button to print the order
  4. Once the order preparing begins, tap the “CONFIRM” button

    • This lets the customer know their order is being prepared
  5. Take note of the “EXPECTED PICKUP TIME” and “TIME GIVEN”

    • “EXPECTED PICKUP TIME” = when the delivery partner is scheduled to arrive and pick up the order
    • “TIME GIVEN” = the total time needed to prepare the order for delivery partner pick up. This time is based off your restaurant’s average prep time for the ordered item.

NOTE: Adjust your default prep time in Uber Eats Manager by signing in at uber.com/restaurants. In Uber Eats Manager, navigate to the prep time section (labeled with a time clock). Depending on the time of day, order volume, and size of the order, Uber Eats dynamically adjusts your prep time to improve accuracy.

For Orders with Multiple Delivery Partners

Learn more about what happens for orders with multiple delivery partners by visiting our FAQ for orders requiring multiple delivery partners.

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