Why do orders pause automatically?

We may pause your orders when we detect a longer period of inactivity. On a tablet, you will see a red pause button when your store is paused. We do this to temporarily pause orders to your store if you’re unavailable or too busy. This pause turns on automatically.

Please note that if a delivery person reports that your store was closed, we will attempt to call the store to confirm whether or not you are open. If there is no answer, we will manually pause your store for the rest of the day to prevent further unfulfilled orders.

How It Works

Orders may automatically pause for 3 reasons:

  • Multiple orders in a row that go unaccepted
  • Your acceptance time is longer than usual, resulting in customers canceling orders
  • An order comes in during your operating hours and your store was closed

When your orders automatically pause, a red screen with a large pause icon appears on your tablet. Customers in the Eats app will see your store as “currently unavailable”.

To Start Accepting Orders Again (if your store has a tablet):

  1. Tap the pause symbol.
  2. Find the red Orders Paused banner at the bottom of the device screen.
  3. Tap RESUME.
  4. Tap CONFIRM.

If your store does not have a tablet, you can access Uber Eats orders using the Uber Eats app on a personal tablet, the Uber Eats app on an Android phone, or WebRD in Google Chrome on your computer.

If you don’t manually unpause orders, they will unpause automatically the next day at 6:00am.

For more help with the Uber Eats Orders app, please visit the Uber Eats Orders.

If you need more information on how to change your available hours, address, and phone number, click here.

Click here to learn how to set up Uber Eats Orders on a personal device.