Yelp Partnership

Uber Eats is piloting a new partnership with Yelp! We will be featuring photos and reviews from Yelp on Uber Eats to improve our customer experience.

Yelp will be providing photos of dishes, reviews and ratings that we hope will assist merchants in growing their business.

By bringing Yelp ratings/reviews into Uber Eats, we hope to keep diners on your restaurant’s menu page, which could result in more orders.

If an item currently does not have a photo, Yelp may have a photo that can be leveraged to enrich the content experience.

Otherwise the ratings and feedback we use on the app will be provided by your customers on an order by order basis, the same as before.

For specific Yelp issues, we’d encourage you to contact Yelp directly. Feel welcome to browse Yelp’s Support Center, or if you’d like to talk to someone at Yelp, please go to, or call 1-(855) 380-9357.