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What if I cannot find the customer?

Once you have arrived at the delivery address, all of the customer's location details will be available within the app (eg. intercom, floor number, etc.).

If the customer is not at the location when you arrive, or their address is unclear in the app, we recommend that you try to contact them.


1. Tap the trip details bar at the bottom of the screen
2. Tap the phone/message icon next to the customer's name
3. Select the phone call or messaging option
- If they don't answer, you can leave a voicemail and try messaging them through the app.
- If the customer doesn't respond after two calls, we strongly recommend you wait 5 minutes and attempt to call them again

If you can't find the customer after 5 minutes have passed, you're free to complete the trip and dispose of the food in a safe place.

You'll still get paid for a delivery if you call the customer, wait 5 minutes and then swipe "DELIVERED"

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