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How are delivery fares calculated?

Fares for delivery trips are passed on to you weekly and will show on your payment statement as "Delivery."

The delivery trip fare you see at the end of a delivery is calculated by adding together:

Pickup: A fixed fee for pickup at the restaurant.
Drop off: A fixed drop-off fee for each drop off location.
Distance traveled: A per-mile rate for the total distance you travel from pickup to trip completion. (We base this on the total distance of the route displayed in the app when you tap Navigate.)

Let's do the math: For example, if you deliver a meal from a restaurant to the drop off location, with a distance of 5.2 miles, the base fare would be calculated like this:

$2.50 pickup + $0.20 x 5.2 miles + $3.00 drop off = $6.54 delivery fare

Fees and distance rates will differ depending on what type of vehicle you deliver with and the city you're delivering in.

Your total payout for the fare will depend on the applicable Uber service fee. If your city has a 25% service fee, your total payout would be $4.90 in our above example. The Uber service fee varies depending on the delivery city and mode of delivery (car, bike or scooter).

For Boost trips, the boost multiplier will be added on top of the net payout.

In addition to the pickup fee and distance rate, for trips where you pick up 2 or more orders in one stop, you will also earn an additional drop-off fee for each delivery.

Note: you may be eligible to earn extra money through incentive programs which are run in your individual city. Incentive programs can include hourly guarantees, guaranteed earnings per trip and Earnings Boost for making deliveries in certain time periods and area. Please look out for communications from your city for more details.
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