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Why am I being asked to take a photo of myself?

To ensure that your account is yours, and not used by other people, we may occasionally ask you to take a real-time photo of yourself before you go online.

When you take this photo in the app, it is sent to us and shared with Microsoft, our service provider. Microsoft then uses software to compare this photo with other photos you have previously uploaded. Microsoft may also receive a copy of the profile photo stored with your account in order to determine that your face is fully showing.

In order to protect the security of your account, Uber may keep these photos for as long as permitted by applicable law. Following that period the photos and derived information will be deleted. Microsoft has made contractual commitments to Uber that any data retained by Microsoft for service improvement will be de-identified (so it is not linked to any person), and that Microsoft will not attempt any re-identification of that data.

We appreciate your assistance in keeping your account secure. Face detection and photo comparison help us confirm that only you are able to access your account and go online.
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