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View past payments and breakdowns

To see your payment history and breakdowns, go to the online Restaurant Manager at restaurants.uber.com and log in with your username, password, and four digit security PIN.

Open the Payments tab to see your current weekly earnings and all past earnings.

For a detailed view of your payments, click the download button in the "CSV" column of the Payment History section. This will download a document that shows all of the order IDs, sales, taxes, adjustments and net payout info for every order of the selected week.

Here's a summary of what all of the different columns in your payment history mean:

The number of orders your received during the week. Please note that each pay period runs from 4 am Monday to 3:59 am the following Monday.

This is the total net sales food sales pre-tax that is sold through the Uber Eats app.

Sales tax is charged to the customer on each order, and then the full sales tax amount is always remitted back to the restaurant with each week's payment.

The total amount sold, including sales and tax.

This includes any adjustments made by the restaurant to orders. Example: +$1.00 for extra bacon

Miscellaneous payments are typically anything charged by a city ops teams. Most often these include activation fees charged for joining the Uber Eats as well as Data tablet fees.

This is calculated as Sales * restaurant commission rate. Sales tax is not included in the Uber Service Fee Calculation.

This sum equals the tax and Uber fee of your total sales subtracted from your total sales for the week.

If you have a status of PAID, you have received a direct deposit of the Net Payout to your banking account. If you have a PENDING status, your payment is pending and will be posted by X date.