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What can I include in my menu?

When building your menu for Uber Eats, please understand there are certain items that we are unable to sell on our platform. Unless specifically allowed in your contract with Uber Eats, prohibited items include:

-CBD (any form), Marijuana (any form), Paraphernalia, Herbal Controlled Substances, Tobacco, OTC Medications, Vitamins, Supplements, Weapons, Fireworks, Aerosols, Endangered Species, Prohibited Foods, Healthcare Products, Seeds, Bulk Herbs, Nutritional Seeds, Baby Formula, Pet food, Flowers & Plants.

-Alcohol (if not in an eligible location--see link below for more information on selling alcohol on the Uber Eats app)
If you have any questions about prohibited items, please call 1-833-ASK-EATS.

1. Press 1 for restaurants
2. Press 2 for new restaurants (haven't taken orders)
3. Ask to speak with a sales representative