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Where's my delivery partner?

The answer depends on whether a delivery partner is assigned to the order.

If a delivery partner IS assigned:
1. Contact the delivery partner directly for an estimated time of arrival
2. If you're worried about the customer's experience if the order is running late, contact them as well

If a delivery partner IS NOT assigned:
- Check if you have additional orders pending:
* 3 or more orders: contact Uber support - our team will guide you through the next steps
* Less than 3 orders: please hang tight! A delivery partner should be dispatched shortly

NOTE: Sometimes delivery partners are delayed by extenuating circumstances like heavy traffic. However, if we see a pattern of missed pickups that are NOT caused by external factors, we re-evaluate their status on Uber Eats.
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You'll still be paid for orders that are cancelled by customers or unfulfilled due to a lack of available delivery partners. To check payment status, login to your Restaurant Dashboard and follow these steps:

1. Go to order history
2. Tap the clock icon in the bottom left
3. There will be a note with each canceled order about payment status