Travel Business Handling Fees (For Domestic Travel)

Uber Japan will charge the following travel business handling fees when entering into an arranged tour contract (domestic travel) with a customer.

Travel Business Handling Fees (for arranged tour contract)

Arrangement fee (Surcharge)

・Description: Arrangement of transportation facilities (taxi)

・Fee: 100 yen per case

  • This fee will be incurred only when the place of departure is within areas in Tokyo’s 23 wards, and when Uber arranges a vehicle from a transportation facility whose office is located in Tokyo; however, this fee will not be incurred when using an airport flat rate.
  • Separate fees payable to the transportation facility will be incurred.

Change procedure fee

・Description: Procedures for change

・Fee: -

Cancellation procedure fee (Cancellation fee)

・Description: Procedures for cancellation

・Fee: -

  • A separate cancellation fee payable to a transportation facility may be incurred.
  • When the customer cancels a ride request after boarding, separate fees payable to the transportation facility and an arrangement fee will be incurred for the canceled ride.


  1. The travel business handling fees listed above include consumption taxes.
  2. Our services falling under an arranged tour are Uber Taxi and vehicle dispatch services provided in Kyotango and Nakatonbetsu. For clarity, Uber Premium is an order-taking type organized tour.