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Uber Eats Japan, Inc.

Representative Member:

Uber Portier B.V. – Officer Performing Duties

  • Giorgiana Alexandru
  • Blair Radford
  • Michelle Parker


1-9-10, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, Japan

Telephone Number and Contact Information:

Main phone number (General Affairs Department): 03-4588-5452 (office hours: 10:00 to 19:00 daily)

In addition, for all inquiries, you can contact us through the following pages as well:

Uber gift cards for Rides

Uber gift cards for Eats

Sales Price:

Fixed denomination values:

  • Physical cards and digital codes: JPY(¥) 3,000
  • Physical cards and digital codes: JPY(¥) 5,000
  • Physical cards and digital codes: JPY(¥) 10,000

Variable denomination values between:

  • Physical cards: 1,500 (minimum) up to 50,000 (maximum)
  • Digital codes: 100 (minimum) up to 50,000 (maximum)

When you purchase a product or service from merchants and/or partners on the Uber Rides app or UberEats app with your gift card, the price of the product or service and any other expenses, less the discount or promotion amount available to you, will be deducted from the redeemed value of your gift card.

Method and Time of Payment:

You will pay the price of an Uber Gift Card with credit card payment on the Uber Gift Card website, upon selection of your preferred gift card(s) denomination.

Time of Provision:

You can use the gift card immediately after the application procedures are completed, pursuant to conditions applicable to the gift card designated by Uber.

Special Provisions concerning Cancellation of Contract (Refund):

Once you have purchased a gift card, you may not withdraw the application or cancel the contract (or seek a refund). For the details, refer to Article 3, Paragraph 4 of the Terms and Conditions for Gift Cards.