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Accepting a trip price

Once you request your ride, you've accepted the price shown in the app.


If upfront pricing is available in your city, you'll see the price for a trip next to each vehicle option. Upfront prices account for:

- The rate for time and distance to your destination
- Applicable fees, tolls and surcharges

NOTE: You might not see an upfront price if you request a long trip, or if you request the trip too fast for the app to calculate the price.

The trip price you're charged may change if:
- You make extra stops
- You change your destination
- The driver waits several minutes at your pickup location

NOTE: Time and distance pricing does not apply to all Uber rideshare products.


If you don't see a single upfront price when requesting a trip, you'll see a price range instead. This range takes any fees, tolls and surcharges into account. It does not account for destination changes, extra stops or wait time. Your actual trip price is calculated when you arrive at your destination.
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