Frequently asked questions

What is Uber Bus?

Uber Bus is a new way to enjoy a comfortable, safe, and convenient commute.

Uber Bus uses technology to reserve your seat on a clean, air-conditioned, and high-quality bus. When you request your ride through the app, you’ll see the available times that you can book and you can schedule your week in advance. Because you’re sharing rides with other Uber passengers, the price is affordable enough for everyday use.

Where is it available?

Currently, Uber Bus is only available in select cities in Egypt and India.

What is the pricing for a trip?

The pricing is based on trip distance. Tariffs differ by city.

How do I ride with Uber Bus?

  1. Update: Make sure you’re using the latest version of the Uber app.

  2. Request: Enter your destination, select the Uber Bus option, review your fare, select your preferred pickup time, select the number of seats, and then tap “Request.”

  3. Trip Details: Wait a few minutes to see your trip details. You’ll see the driver information and pickup spot. At this point, your seat has been reserved. You can track the bus on the way to your pickup spot.

  4. Walk: Walk to the pickup spot you see on the map. Make sure you arrive before the bus arrives. The bus will only wait 2 minutes at the pickup spot.

  5. Ride: Show your ticket to your driver, pay your driver with cash or through the app, and enjoy your ride.

  6. Walk to Destination: When you get closer to your destination, we will find the closest dropoff spot to your final destination based on the route you’re on. You’ll see walking directions to your final destination in the app.

You can also use the Uber Bus app to request a trip. The Uber Bus app works on all android devices and in all network conditions.

Can I pre-book?

You can pre-book up to one week before the requested time and date. You also have the option of booking more than one bus throughout the week.

Why don’t I see the vehicle view except in the district?

You can’t see the product unless you’re in the vicinity of the route. As routes are activated in other districts, you’ll begin to see the view.

Can I order the bus from anywhere in my city?

No, there are specific lines that we follow and your pickup and dropoff points need to be near those areas.

Can I ride with a friend?

Yes, you can request a ride for multiple people.

What is the maximum number of riders?

The maximum number of riders is 3.

What are COVID-19 safety measures?

We’re following hygiene precautions & the latest safety guidance.