Help with Creating a Teen Account

How to Set up an Uber Teens Account for a Family Member

You can follow these steps to set up your teen’s account:

  1. Select Account.
  2. Select Family to begin creating a family profile (NOTE: If you already have a family profile, you can skip this step).
  3. Select Add new member.
  4. Select Teen.
  5. Select Contact and choose their name from your contacts (NOTE: They must be at least 13 years old).
  6. Your teen will receive an invite through SMS and will need to complete a mandatory safety onboarding. Once they’re done, they’ll be ready for their first ride.
  7. Make sure your payment information is up to date before your teen requests their first ride.

If you’re having issues setting up a teen account and/or you’re not seeing the Add a teen option in your Family profile settings, please let us know below.

Uber for Teens is only available in select cities. The full list of those cities can be found here. If you’re not currently in one of the cities listed, you will not be able to create a Teen account.