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I'm not receiving receipts or emails

If you aren't receiving receipts or emails from Uber, please check your email account's spam or junk folder. If you find Uber emails there, mark them "not junk" to ensure that future Uber emails arrive in your inbox.

You can also update your Uber account's email address anytime:
1. Select "Settings" from your app menu.
2. Tap your email address next to your profile photo.
3. You'll have the option to edit your name, phone number, and email address.
4. Tap SAVE when you're done.

To review trip receipts, select "Your Trips" from the app menu. Tap any trip's map and then tap RECEIPT to review your fare and payment method.

To resend a receipt email for trips with an economy vehicle option, sign in to riders.uber.com and select "My Trips" from the app's menu. Select the trip and click the Resend button.

For trips with a premium vehicle option, you can request a receipt in the Help Center. Select Trip Issues and Refunds > I have a different issue> I need an invoice for my Premium trip. You will only be able to access this for premium vehicle option trips.

If you're still not receiving receipts from us after taking these steps, share your email address here. We'll step in to help.
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