Request a ride with multiple stops

You can request that your driver make multiple stops when requesting a ride. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Uber app and tap the “Where To?” box
  2. Tap the “+” to add up to 5 additional stops
  3. Tap “DONE” to continue

Stops will be made in the order they’re added. To remove a stop, tap the X next to it. To reorder stops, press and hold the “=” next to the stop you want to move, and drag it up or down to where you want to move it to.

The upfront price you’re shown may change due to a number of circumstances which may include:

  • Adding stops
  • Updating your destination
  • Significant changes to the route or duration of the trip
  • You pass through a toll that was not factored into your upfront price.

In addition, you may incur wait time fees for the time you take to get to the car at the pickup or multi-stop fees for time spent at an on-trip stop.

To see the applicable rates, tap the “i” on the ride option screen before you request a ride. If you’re splitting your far, it will be split for the entire ride, not split by the cost of each stop.

This feature is not available on UberXShare rides.

Please note that, as of August 10, 2022, multi-stop fees are not live in all US markets.