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Troubleshooting 2-Step verification

Read answers to commonly asked questions about 2-step verification.

1. I got a new mobile device, but still have the same phone number. Will I get verification codes on the new device?

If you lost or replaced your device, you can still receive verification codes via text message to the same number.

- On the screen where you would enter your verification code, tap "I'm having trouble"
- Select "Resend code via SMS"
- Enter the 4-digit code sent via text message
- Enter your password to finish signing in

If you're not getting a verification code, you can use one of your backup codes to sign in:

- On the screen where you would enter your verification code, tap "I'm having trouble"
- Select "Use 8-digit backup code"
- Enter one of your backup codes (that has not been used previously)

If you aren't getting a verification code and can't access backup codes, contact support through the link below:
2. I'm not receiving verification codes through text message. What should I do?

First, make sure your phone number is entered correctly. Try entering your phone number again, then tap "Resend."

It's also possible that your mobile carrier may be blocking the verification code text message. Please contact your mobile provider to confirm that short code SMS is enabled for your mobile account.

3. How do I switch between text message and a security app for 2-step verification?

- In your Rider app, tap the menu icon at the top left corner
- Select "Settings," then "Security"
- Tap "2-step verification"
- Select "Edit" next to "Delivery settings" to choose the delivery method

4. How can I confirm which security app I used to set up 2-step verification?

First, check your device to see if any security apps are installed, and open them to check if the Uber Rider app had been previously connected.

If you"re not sure what to look for, here are some commonly used apps:

- Duo Mobile
- Google Authenticator
- LastPass