Uber Gift Cards

Adding an Uber gift card to your account

  1. Tap the menu icon from your Uber app and select “Wallet.”
  2. Choose “Add Funds.”
  3. Select “Gift card.”
  4. Enter your gift code as it appears (no spaces).

Gift cards are added directly to your Uber Cash balance. Once a gift card is added to an account, the amount can’t be transferred.

Using Uber gift cards

Uber gift cards can only be used in the country where it was purchased. They can’t be used with family profiles or on scheduled rides.

Gift cards loaded onto your Uber Cash balance will apply to your next trip or order by default, but you can select a different payment method before you make your request.

You’ll be prompted to add an additional payment method before you request a ride if your gift card balance is less than the cost of your trip.

An authorization hold may be made on that payment method, but will be voided once the gift card is charged.

Gift cards are redeemable in the Uber or Uber Eats apps. Terms and conditions apply to gift cards.

Unless required by law, gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash, refunded, or returned.

Purchasing Uber gift cards

You can purchase an Uber gift card online or from a local retailer:

If you need help with a gift card, please select the link below that most closely matches the issue:

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