Uber Shuttle FAQ

What is Uber Shuttle?

Uber Shuttle uses technology to reserve your seat on a clean, air-conditioned, and high-quality shuttle to enjoy a comfortable and convenient commute.

When you request your ride through the app, you’ll see all the possible times you can book and can schedule your week ahead. Also, because you’re sharing your rides with other Uber passengers, the price is affordable enough for everyday use.

Trip pricing

You’ll see the price upfront upon booking your shuttle. Pricing is based on the distance of your trip.

Riding with Uber Shuttle

  1. Update: Make sure you’re using the latest version of the Uber app.
  2. Request: After you’ve entered your destination, select the Shuttle option, review your price, pick your preferred pickup time, how many seats you want, and tap Request.
  3. View trip details: A few minutes after booking, the app will display your trip details, including the driver and the pickup spot. Your seat has now been reserved. On the way to your pickup location, you can track the vehicle on your app.
  4. Walk to pickup: Make sure you arrive at the pickup spot on the map before your shuttle arrives. The driver will only wait 2 minutes at the pickup spot.
  5. Ride: Show your ticket to your driver, pay your driver (for cash trips only), and enjoy your ride in your seat on the clean, safe, air-conditioned shuttle.
  6. Walk to destination: You’ll see walking directions to your final destination in the app when you get closer to your destination.

Pre-booking Uber Shuttle trips

You can reserve a time slot up to one week in advance of the desired date and time. You can also reserve multiple shuttles throughout the ‌week.

Requesting Uber rides for Uber Shuttle trips

You can request a separate ride during your Uber Shuttle trip to take you to your pickup location or your final destination.

Available shuttle routes

We provide specific routes, so your pickup and dropoff points need to be within those areas. You can view all available shuttle routes by entering your destination in the app or by going to Shuttle Routes on the account tab.

Riding with friends or family

You can book multiple seats from your account. You can book up to 3 seats on one trip (2 extra riders).

Referring friends

Any rider who’s taken at least one Shuttle trip is eligible for this program. To refer a friend:

  1. Go to the main menu in the Uber app
  2. Select Free Shuttle rides
  3. Open FAQs to read the details of the program
  4. Tap the Refer Friends button
  5. Choose how you’d like to send the referral code (through WhatsApp, text, email, and so on)
  6. Ask your friends to use the referral code to take their first free trip and you’ll get free trips