Understanding ratings

To see your current rating in your Driver app:

  1. Tap the menu button (three lines) on the top left corner.
  2. Select your profile photo.
  3. Tap the rating under your name.

Rider comments are always anonymous. Ratings are confidential, so we can’t provide information around the rating given for a specific trip.

Riders will not see their updated rating until after they have rated you, so you can feel confident providing honest feedback. This ensures ratings are as fair as possible for both parties.

How ratings work

Our goal is for the Uber experience to be safe and enjoyable for everyone. Our dual rating system allows riders and drivers to rate each other.

Riders can rate their trip experience from 1 to 5 stars and have the option to provide specific feedback from a list of common issues. Riders are asked to rate every trip before they can request again.

If a trip is canceled, riders will be unable to rate the trip.

What’s an overall rating?

Your overall star rating is an average of the 500 most recent star ratings you’ve received from riders.

If a rider gives a low rating and selects a trip issue that is outside of your control, such as traffic, the trip rating won’t count toward your overall rating. We may also exclude certain low ratings from riders who frequently give low ratings.

You don’t need to request removing individual ratings, as ratings will be automatically removed when applicable. To ensure a consistent and reliable experience, we can’t remove individual trip ratings on request.

When you’re a new driver, you start with a perfect rating of 5 stars. Your overall rating may change frequently until you’ve received ratings on 100 or more trips as there will be fewer ratings to average together. As your number of rated trips grows, individual ratings have less impact on your overall rating.

Ratings as a consistent measure of quality

We intend ratings to be fair and rider feedback to be useful for you. That is why we show the rider help text as they rate your trip and prompt them to explain their rating if they rate fewer than 5 stars. Five stars means there were no issues on the trip. If they rate 4 stars or fewer, we ask them to offer anonymous feedback on how the experience could have gone better.

Ratings are important

We intend ratings and feedback to be helpful for you. To ensure that riders receive a high-quality experience each time they request a ride, driver accounts with consistently low ratings may be deactivated after multiple warnings.