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Using Uber promotions and Uber Cash

How to Use Uber Cash in the Uber App:

1. Enter your destination on the home screen
2. Tap on your payment method
3. Select Uber Cash (If you're using ride profiles, tap Change and select Uber Cash)
4. Request a ride

How to add a Promo Code to your account:

1. Select "Wallet" from your app menu.
2. Scroll down to "Promotions".
3. Tap "Add Promo Code/Gift Code".
4. Enter the code and tap "ADD".

Promo codes are automatically applied in last-in-first-out order. A promo code's value will only apply to applicable trips based on the terms. Any amount not used does not carry over to other trips.

To review the promo codes on your account, navigate to the menu in the upper left, select "Wallet" and tap Promotions. Each promo code will specify its expiration date and applicable areas, such as a specific country or city.

In addition to promotions, Uber Cash can be applied whenever you want. To check your Uber Cash balance, select "Wallet" from your app menu.

Share your personal invite code with friends to earn Uber Cash. Select Free Rides from your app menu to view your invite code. When a friend completes the first trip with Uber, your account receives Uber Cash.