Using vouchers from businesses

Businesses can provide vouchers to give credit towards rides or Uber Eats orders that meet certain requirements. The app will tell you whether your voucher can be used only for rides, or if it can be used for both rides and orders.

Are you an admin or coordinator using Uber for Business? Get help with managing vouchers on the Uber for Business Help Center.

Redeem a voucher

  1. Sign in to the Uber app or create an account at
  2. Click the link in your email to claim the voucher.
  3. The voucher will automatically be added to your account and will apply to your next qualifying trip or order.

Make sure you’re using your personal profile. Vouchers don’t work on a business profile.

Note: Vouchers only apply to the trip or order price. Tips for your driver and amounts that exceed the voucher amount will be charged to your personal payment method.

View vouchers on your account

  1. Open your Uber app and tap Account.
  2. Tap “Wallet.”
  3. Scroll down and tap “Vouchers.”

Save voucher for another trip

  1. Enter your destination in the “Where to?” field.
  2. Select a vehicle option.
  3. Tap the payment method above the “Choose [vehicle type]” button.
  4. Tap “Change” next to the voucher and select a different payment method.

Note: If you have more than one ride profile, you’ll first need to select the profile with the voucher before you can use it for a trip.