Verify your identity FAQ

Why does Uber require that I verify my account and/or identity? At Uber, safety is a top priority. We require that users of certain products verify their accounts or the identities they report to us. We do this to help keep our users safe, and to help prevent others from using your account.

How does Uber verify my account and/or identity? We may verify your account and/or identity in various ways. In some countries, Uber allows riders to provide their ID number and/or take a photo of their identification card. Uber will complete a verification of the ID and also check that no other account is associated with that document.

Uber may also allow riders to take a photo of themselves to help verify their account. Uber takes steps to ensure these selfies are kept secure, and they are never shared with your driver. We also delete these photos after a set period of time.

If we cannot verify your account and/or identity (including because you fail to submit the required information), you may be unable to use certain Uber products paying in cash, or you may have to upload a credit or debit card as payment method on your Uber account.

Does Uber use third parties to verify my account and/or identity? In some cases, your account or identity may be verified by third parties on Uber’s behalf. Those third parties are contractually prohibited from using your information for any purpose other than verifying your identity and documents or routine auditing, sharing or disclosing your documents and information, or retaining them, and they are not allowed to retain your documents or information for longer than necessary to perform their services on Uber’s behalf.

Does Uber share my personal information with drivers, delivery people, or other third parties? Some of Uber’s services and features require that we share personal data with other users or at a user’s request. For example, to enable the rides or deliveries you request, we share your first name and request pick-up, drop-off, or delivery location with the driver or delivery person. We also may confirm with your driver or delivery person the fact that you have completed an account or identity verification process. Uber does not otherwise share your information with drivers or delivery people.

We may also share such data with our affiliates, subsidiaries, and partners, for legal reasons or in connection with claims or disputes. For more information, please see Uber’s Privacy Notice.

Does Uber require that drivers and delivery people verify their identity? Yes, all drivers and delivery people submit identity verification documents and other information when creating an account to use the Uber platform. Drivers and delivery people are also required from time to time to take a selfie in order to confirm that the selfie matches the photos that have been submitted. They must also submit new documents if their verification documents expire.

How does Uber protect the information I submit to verify my identity? Uber is committed to keeping your personal data safe and secure. This includes encrypting the documents and other information you submit to verify your identity and/or your account, preventing use of them for unrelated purposes, and retaining them for only as long as necessary for the purposes for which we collected them, in accordance with applicable law and in a manner consistent with our Privacy Notice.

What should I do if I have a problem verifying my identity? If you have a problem verifying your identity or if you think our systems have made a mistake, please contact Uber Support.