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What are Reservations and Uber Reserve?

Reservations, or "Uber Reserve" is a new option that lets you request rides at least 2 hours in advance! Following the launch on April 9, 2021, reservations can be created in many of the areas in which Scheduled Rides are already available.



To request a reservation, please open your app and take the following steps:

1. Tap the "Reserve" icon on the app's home screen
2. Enter your pickup and dropoff location, then select your pickup time and hit "Confirm"
3. Choose your vehicle option on the product selector screen, then tap "Reserve"

Once you confirm those details, you can use the "Upcoming " trips section of the app to view or update the details of your existing reservation, as well as create new ones!



Reservations can be requested in many of the areas in which Scheduled Rides are already available. This feature is expanding to new cities every month.


When you book a reservation, the amount you see will be an estimate that includes a variable reservation fee. The exact amount of the reservation fee will depend on the location of the pickup address associated with the reservation.



You can cancel a reservation at no charge up to an hour before the start of the ride. However, you will be responsible for a cancellation fee equal to the ride's minimum fare for UberX, UberXL, and Comfort trips if the reservation is cancelled less than 60 minutes before the scheduled start time and a driver has already accepted it.

For Black, Black SUV, and Premier trips the cancellation fee is the amount of the full upfront fare if cancelled less than 60 minutes before the scheduled start time. You can use the app's "Upcoming" trips section to cancel, update, or review your upcoming reservations at any time.



- Upfront Driver Matching: When possible, a driver will accept your request prior to the pick-up time rather than shortly before the ride. You will be notified when a driver accepts your trip request in advance.

- Arrive Early & Wait: Drivers will arrive a few minutes early for your pick-up, and wait time of up to 5 minutes after the scheduled pick-up is included in your fare for UberX, Uber XL, and Comfort trips. Up to 15 minutes of wait time is included in your fare for Black, Black SUV, and premier trips.

- Improved Scheduled Rides Pricing: All reservations will have an upfront price (UFP), which includes a reservation fee.

- On-Time Pickup Guarantee: If a driver arrives late for a reservation, the rider will automatically be provided with $10 in Uber Cash for UberX, UberXL, and Comfort trips. Late arrivals for Black, Black SUV, or Premier include $50 in Uber Cash.


Reserve airport pickups allow you to plan your pickup from the airport in advance. You can focus on making your way through the airport, and your driver will be waiting once you tap 'Pick me up'.

A reserved airport pickup can be requested directly through your app by following the steps below:

Tap the 'Reserve' icon in your Uber app
Enter your pickup airport in the pickup location field
Enter your destination in the "Where to?" field
Select your pickup date
Enter your flight number
Select a vehicle option, then tap 'Reserve UberX' (button will be your vehicle selection).

If reserving an airport pickup isn't available in your area, the app will notify you to request an on-demand trip after your flight.

The driver gets notifications through the app if your flight is delayed, will land early, and once you land. 60 minutes of complimentary wait time is included once your flight lands, allowing time to retrieve luggage if needed. Your driver will be waiting at the airport, but will not proceed to the curb until you notify them in the app that you're ready. Standard Uber Reserve cancellation fees will apply.
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