What is the Uber fee?

Uber fee overview

When you complete a trip with the Driver app, we automatically deduct an Uber fee from your fare. This fee contributes to:

  • Developing technology and app features
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Payment processing for drivers

During times of high demand, surge pricing may be in effect. Like the regular fare, the Uber fee is also applied to the surge portion of your trip earnings.

Weekly service fee

Each week, we calculate your weekly service fee. It includes the total Uber fees from your trips minus any other payments made to the driver that are not shown on per-trip receipts.

Possible service fee amounts

Your service fee can vary for each trip and each week. At times, it might be zero or negative, for instance when:

  • Earnings from a rider or delivery recipient match or are less than what you’ve earned
  • A trip takes longer than estimated
  • There are special rider/driver promotions active