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How do consumer fees work?

The article below is intended only for Eats users in the NETHERLANDS.

When you order food on Uber Eats, the fees you pay help cover delivery costs.

Orders delivered with Uber Eats include these types of fees:

- Delivery fees. These are based on the distance between you and the restaurant when the food is delivered by a Uber Eats delivery partner. When the restaurant chooses to deliver its food with its own couriers, the restaurant decides on the delivery fees. You'll always know how much you pay before placing your order.

- Small Order Fee. This applies to orders with a total amount that is less than €10. The fee of €2 can be avoided by adding more items to your cart and spending more than €10.

- Service Fee. The service fee is calculated as 10% of your orders subtotal and will be added to every order upon checkout. The maximum service fee will be €3, so you will not spend more than that. For restaurants that deliver orders with their own couriers, the service fee is not applicable. You can see all fees in 'Your Cart' before placing an order in the app or online.

These fees work together to help cover delivery costs and keep couriers on the road so your food can arrive quickly and reliably.
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