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How to place a business group order

Open ubereats.com to place a business group order. Send a shareable link to invite everyone in the group to choose their own items. Once everyone has added their items, you can pay for the group order with one business account.

Please note:
- Group orders are currently available on ubereats.com only. Group orders will be available in the app soon.
- If you don't have a business profile, you won't be able to select it during the checkout or bill the meal to your organization's payment method. To learn more about how to create a business profile, visit the link below.
How to place a business group order

1. Open ubereats.com and sign in.
2. Select your business profile, then find the merchant you want to order from.
3. Click "Start group order" underneath the merchant name and address.
4. Review the delivery address, and start the group order.
5. Copy and share the order link for everyone to add their items.
6. Select "View menu" to add your own items.
7. Once everyone has added their items, select "View group order" or the cart in the top right corner of your screen, then select "Next: Checkout".
- Note: Participants can't add any more items once you lock the cart.
8. Review your delivery details again. Make sure the delivery address and payment method are correct.
9. In the Payment section, click "Edit" or click the business toggle to select your company's payment profile and meal program.
10. Select "Place order" and track the status of your order online or in the app.
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