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I referred someone but didn't get my credit

If you referred/invited a friend to use Uber Eats but there's an issue with your referral credits, check the most common reasons for this:

1. Did your friend place their first order yet?
Your referral credit automatically applies to your account once your friend completes their first order.

2. Has the credit already applied to your account?
Review your Uber Eats credit balance by visiting your Uber Eats app profile and selecting "Payments".

3. Did you receive a different referral amount then you expected?
Referral credit amounts vary by city and are based on the city of the person you referred.

NOTE: Referral offers are subject to terms and conditions and offer terms may change.
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If you RECEIVED an invite code but you're having trouble with it, please let us know through the link below:
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If you need more help with your referral credit, please let us know below:
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