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My promo code didn't apply

If you're unsure whether your promo code applied to a previous order or has expired, you can check this in the Uber Eats app:

1. Tap the profile icon on the main screen bottom menu bar (icon on the farthest right)
2. Tap "Promotions"
- Active promotions appear at the top of the page and display the expiration date, location it can be used in, and other details
- Redeemed and expired promos appear in the "PAST PROMOTIONS" section, just tap "VIEW RECEIPT" to see the associated order receipt

NOTE: Promo codes can only be used once. Any leftover credit on a single promotion does not apply to future orders. Also, remember that each promo code has its own terms and conditions: make sure you're using it in the applicable location, currency and before the expiration date.

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Please note that promo codes should be added BEFORE placing the order. We CANNOT apply a promo code if you forgot to add it.

If the promo applied successfully you should see it included in the order charge checkout, just before hitting the "ORDER" button.

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For more on how promo codes work, please take a look at the article below:
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If you believe there was an error with applying or redeeming a promo code, please let us know:
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