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Promo code didn't apply

If you're worried that a promotion or offer didn't apply to your order, check the order and promo details by following these steps in the app:

1. Tap the profile icon at the bottom of the main screen
2. Tap "Promotions"
3. Review the "Past promotions" section to confirm which promo applied to the order in question
4. Tap "View receipt" to see the associated order receipt. If the promo applied successfully, it should appear in the order charge breakdown in your cart.
5. If the promo was added to the order but the discount didn't apply, fill out the form below and we'll look into the issue.

- Promos must meet certain qualifications to apply. Each promo has its own terms and conditions. Make sure you're using the promo in the applicable location, currency and before the expiration date.
- To see a list of all promos available to you, go to the "Past promotions" section of the app. You'll see promo details including expiration date, location where the promo can be used, and which merchant is offering the promo (if applicable).
- Some promos codes can be used only once. Any leftover credit on a single promotion won't apply to future orders.
- Promos should be added BEFORE placing the order. We can't apply a promo after you've placed the order.
- For loyalty points-based promotions, the points can take up to 3 hours to appear on your profile. We recommend you wait at least 3 hours before reaching out to support to check your points status.

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For a faster resolution, check for these common issues before submitting a form below.

- Make sure the email on your account matches the email where you received the promo code. You'll need to place the order from an account with that email to be eligible.
NOTE: If you didn't receive a promo in an email or in-app notification, you may not be eligible. For example, you may not be eligible to use a promo shared by a friend.

- Make sure you meet the minimum spend requirements, which are calculated before taxes and fees, if applicable.
- Make sure your promo code hasn't expired. You can check the expiration date of the promo by following the steps in the link below.

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For more on how promo codes work, see the article below:
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