Beware of phishing scams spoofing UberEats

When you receive a phishing email claiming to be Uber or Uber Eats, please check the following to prevent fraud:

  • Currently, Uber Eats does not send confirmation emails for your order, only receipts after delivery are sent via the domain. Emails that prompt you to confirm your personal information and those other than the domains mentioned above are considered phishing emails.

  • Be careful not to enter any information, even if the link to the suspicious email looks like a real site. Phishing sites are often copies of real sites and logos and are difficult to identify.

  • To use the service, we recommend accessing it from the official app or

If you have an orderer account and unauthorized access is confirmed, please update your registered email address and password immediately and contact support from the help page linked below:

If you received a phishing email, opened a link in the email or entered your personal information, please contact support using the form below:

  • An automated message will be sent here to confirm this is really you. Please open it and choose “Confirm email address” to be connected with a member of our team. Writing in from