I have a price adjustment issue

If you’re having issues with a price adjustment, see our FAQs below.

Why did I receive a price adjustment notification?

If you received a price adjustment notification, this means your original order total has been changed.
If your order is still in progress, you can view the details and reason(s) for adjustments in the order tracking page in the app.
If your order was delivered, you can view the price adjustment details on your order receipt.

Why did my order total increase?

Your order total increased because you made a special request. For example, if you requested “extra onions” on an item, the merchant may charge you extra to accommodate your request.

To view the details and reason(s) for adjustments:

  1. In the app, visit the order tracking page.
  2. Tap “View receipt”.
  3. Find the line, “Price Adjustments”, to view the exact price changes to your order total.