Request a copy of your Uber data

At Uber, we value your trust and want to help you understand what data we collect and how it's used. You can visit Uber's Privacy Overview or Privacy Notice for detailed information about how Uber collects and uses personal data.

We also offer options for you to view and make choices about what information is collected and shared when you use Uber. To access this data, you'll need to sign in to your account using 2-step verification for an extra measure of security.


View and explore a summary of information about your account, such as number of trips taken and Uber Eats orders.


With this option, you can request a file of your data to download. We'll send you a notification through email or text when we receive your request, and again when the file is ready to download.


Downloading your data does not delete the data or your account from Uber's systems. Please use the link below if you wish to delete your account.