I did not receive the SMS verification when signing up

When adding a phone number to your rider account, we recommend using a number associated with a wireless mobile phone provider. Adding your mobile phone number allows you to access the Uber platform and connect with drivers for phone calls and SMS text messaging.

When you create an account or change your phone number, we'll ask you to confirm your phone number.

You'll receive a text message with a mobile verification code. Type the code into your app when prompted.

1. Your phone number may be entered incorrectly. Edit your phone number and tap "Resend" on the verification screen to ask for a new code.

2. Your mobile carrier may be blocking the short code SMS that Uber uses to contact you. Please contact your mobile provider to confirm that short code SMS is enabled for your mobile account. Please make you don't block SMS from foreign number.

3. Try the basic troubleshooting, turn off your device and back on. This may reconnect your device to the network to receive the SMS.

If you still haven't received a verification SMS after checking both of these, please share your mobile number here. We'll make sure your account is set up correctly.