How to purchase and use Uber gift cards

How to purchase Uber gift card

  • Online gift cards can be purchased from the following websites and App: Kiigo / giftee / Uber

  • Physical gift cards will be sold at pharmacy or convenience stores sequentially as follows: Welcia/ Lawson/ Seven-Eleven/ Ministop/ FamilyMart

  • You can also find out about gift cards from Uber Blog (Japanese ONLY).

  • LINE

Uber gift card’s purchase options

  • For online or physical purchase, the amount can be set from 100 yen up to 50,000 yen in units of 1 yen as you like.

  • For online purchase, you can choose the following options: 1,500 yen/ 3,000 yen/ 5,000 yen/ 10,000 yen/ Custom

Note: Pricing varies depending on e-commerce site

How to add gift cards to Uber account

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Uber app
  2. Tap “account” icon and select “Wallet”
  3. Tap “+ Gift card”
  4. Enter your PIN code (no spaces)


  • Uber Gift Card has a PIN/ Serial number.
  • If you add a PIN code to your account, the amount you purchased will be added as Uber Cash.
  • Uber Cash converted from Uber gift card you add to your account will expire within 3 years from the date of your purchase.
  • If you select Uber Cash for payment method, Uber Cash with the closest expiration date will be used automatically.
  • Please see this page for how to use Uber Cash and check your balance.
  • Please visit this page to read the notes when you purchase and use Uber gift cards.
  • To learn more details of Terms & Conditions for Uber Gift Cards, please visit this page.